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 Features and plans (BETA)

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PostSubject: Features and plans (BETA)   Thu Mar 29, 2012 4:05 am

CoJ: BiB Mod

1. Name – not set yet. The Options should be chosen from Western movies. For example, Django, Wild West Legends, etc.
2. Mine idea – mod for MP game ONLY.


1. Support of clan wars (game lobby will have to provide an option to create a clan, then it should be possible to check a clan status via the statistics).
2 Rework or create totally new connection with internet. (client)
3. Add more options for administration – user friendly dedicated servers with GUI and with more essential commands, for example, Ban, Map Settings, Round Time, Game Mode etc.
4. Enable anticheat system by enabling of CRC system – check files of a client and a server, if not the same then can’t join.
5. Enable voice chat and voice commands, for example, “go go go” etc.
6. Add votes. So that players will be able to vote for kick player or change a map.
7. Enable auto-patching and automatic downloading content system, so that client will be able to load a new content from a server (maps, sounds, etc)
8. Add new OLD hud which will show player’s health and stamina?


1. New OLD game modes (skirmish, bank robbery – just need to fix some little issiues – present in the game’s code).
2. In Skirmish mode add duel option. So, if only 2 players will left at the end of a match then players will have an option to fight in SP mode duel (with slowmo) – just need to make SP duel work in MP game.
3. Duel mode? (SP style)
4. New weapons (knifes, gatling?, melee weapon?, incendiary ammo?, lasso?, kick?)
5. Add first aid (bottles?)
6. New game mode – ride on horses? (arcade style)
7. Rework player characters. Reduce characters to 4 (balanced), add few more = 13+2 = 15, OR remove all characters and let player to customize his character so that all customization will appear in game match (hats, clothes, eye color etc)
8. Add hats.
9. Availability to drive a horse wagon.
10. TODO

1. New models (weapons, skins etc)?
2. New music, some sounds.?
3. New HUD?
4. Add AI?
5. If add AI –> new game modes, for example ZOMBIE mode?
6. SP campaign?

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Features and plans (BETA)
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